Acumatica Summit 2021

Acumatica Cloud ERP implementations focus on customer success and resilience

To rise to the challenges of the past year, Acumatica has focused on customer success and resilience to guide their Cloud ERP implementation projects and new integrations. Here are some of the highlights of the 2021 initiatives and events that have contributed to making Acumatica the fastest growing cloud ERP company in the industry.

Adobe and Microsoft Teams Integration

The Adobe Document Cloud integration replaces cumbersome, outdated processes with efficient digital experiences, all within the Acumatica platform. Acumatica customers can use this integration to annotate, highlight, comment on PDF documents, and save updated versions all without leaving Acumatica.

Using the Microsoft Teams (Teams) integration, Acumatica customers can now access the communication and collaboration features of Teams to initiate chat and calls within the Acumatica platform.

Native Shopify Integration

Acumatica Cloud ERP Commerce Edition comprises the Shopify connector, which hosts the Shopify online store, along with financial information, inventory, warehouse management, and information on Acumatica products.

In addition to saving employees significant time in downloading files to Acumatica, here are some key advantages of the Acumatica connector for Shopify :

  • Data synchronization;
  • Acumatica users can synchronize customer data, products, sales orders and more, making the Shopify site an extension of the ERP platform.
  • Real-time communication;
  • With live visibility into inventory, product availability, customer orders, and dispatch status, customers always have access to accurate data in real time.
  • No additional applications required.
  • The native integration of Shopify in Acumatica Commerce Edition does not require any additional purchase of software or third-party applications. More details.

Acumatica Summit 2021

Held in August in Las Vegas, the Acumatica Summit 2021 marked the first in-person event hosted by the company since the start of the pandemic. The event hosted over 2,500 customers, partners, media, and analysts.

Now having surpassed 8,000 global customers, key announcements during the summit highlighted dozens of collaborations with industry-leading businesses to help them navigate successful cloud-based ERP implementations. Acumatica leadership also described how the company’s focus on their customers’ success helped them improve resiliency, embrace digital transformation, and prepare for the future. We take our customers beyond basic process digitization and help them transform into mature, efficient, and connected businesses.

Acumatica recognized some of its outstanding customers and partners at the summit. This year, ACCEO received an Excellence Award, as the Fast Start Partner with the highest number of new customer acquisitions in their first six months.

Partenaire dont la croissance est la plus rapide et soutenue | Acumatica ERP pour la gestion financière

Martin Beaupré, ACCEO Senior Vice-President, Growth and Initiatives Accepting the 2021 Fast Start Partner Excellence Award.

By remaining focused on customer success, Acumatica helped companies navigate a tumultuous year of economic changes brought on by the pandemic. Since the start of 2020, Acumatica has supported hundreds of customers in their digital transformation efforts. Through those transformations, Acumatica earned a 97% customer satisfaction rate, as well as a +32 Net Promoter Score.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Software Version 2021 R1 Overview

The Acumatica 2021 R1 Virtual Launch event took place a few weeks back, and we were thrilled to have a firsthand look at the newly enhanced Acumatica 2021 R1!

This release introduces significant new features that will allow our customers to save time with superior usability, gain a competitive edge with best-in-class functionality, and grow their business with a powerful, flexible platform.

Acumatica released 2021 R1 in mid-March. Acumatica is tailor-made for midmarket growth businesses. In 2021 R1, we deliver new features and enhancements to all our industry editions.

Below are the themes and details on the key features of 2021 R1:

Save time with superior usability

  • Create CRM contacts automatically with mobile image recognition for business cards
  • Enhance side panels with ordering and visibility
  • Navigate seamlessly to external URLs from Generic Inquiry (GI) results
  • Easily send targeted customer communication through filtered GI results

Gain a competitive edge with new features

Feature List for Financials and CRM

  • Simplify operations with centralized vendor management
  • Enhance the quality of your CRM data with Acumatica’s intelligent deduplication technology
  • Maximize potential sales and simplify support by tracking contacts on sales orders

Feature List for Distribution and Commerce Companies:

  • Streamline cross-company sales with stock items—and automatically create corresponding purchase orders and sales orders
  • Maximize product offerings to your target market through enhanced drop-ship workflows
  • Reduce collections by gathering commerce order risk data
  • Increase control through granular sync options with custom commerce fields

Feature List for Field Service Companies

  • Simplify cost tracking by linking AP bills to field service appointments
  • Boost customer responsiveness by simplifying field service invoice correction

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Success Story: Indygena

Innovative, fast-growing and internationally renowned, Indygena Inc. is a leading figure in the outdoor industry, a key driver of job creation in the Greater Montreal area.

The SME manufactures its products in Montreal and is committed to creating ethical and smart clothing that offers quality and durability. Beyond its dedicated search for environmentally compatible solutions, the company is also highly invested in originative in design. This approach has kept Indygena at the forefront of the fashion industry and has reinforced its competitiveness against foreign competitors.


So as to sustain its strong growth over the long term, Indygena recognized that its financial system needed to be modernized to:

  • Improve monitoring of its overall activities and exercise greater control of its resources: customize a solution for specific processes such as purchase orders for delivery production and management
  • Reduce the risks and costs related to IT interventions: recurring environment maintenance and upgrades demand a significant amount of internal IT resources
  • Allow easy two-way integration with complementary applications like the Microsoft suite


Following a systematic selection process, Indygena chose to partner with the ACCEO and Acumatica platform team, as the top-ranked solution providing:

  • A robust and flexible financial management suite allowing for the complete integration of operations
  • ACCEO’s extensive know-how in the support and implementation of integrated solutions
  • A state-of-the-art, 100% cloud-based technology that supports fast rollout
  • Two-way integration with the Microsoft suite


One year later, along with receiving investment tax credits and training subsidies, the company is now fully experiencing the benefits of implementing the Acumatica platform with:

  • Improved operational performance: data consistency, reduced errors resulting from single data entry, greater oversight across all supply chain activities
  • A decentralized workforce with access to information according to employee role: access to the right information at the right time to make the best business decisions
  • Greater control over the risks and costs related to IT interventions: In a one-and-a-half-year period, no breakdowns, no maintenance, and resource use is maximized by leveraging a stable and agile environment.
« Within the context of COVID-19 confinement and telecommuting, Acumatica’s cloud computing platform has made us more agile and allowed our company to continue to operate as usual with a decentralized workforce. »
Jean-Pierre Ferrandez, CEO – Indygena

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