Guide: The 7 Hidden Costs of ERP Implementation

Get a clearer picture of the financial implications

The last thing you want is for the quote in your hand to be a much lower number than you actually end up spending. Some expenses can be obvious, like hardware, software licence fees, maintenance—while others you didn’t even see coming. Be on your guard against seven hidden costs of ERP implementation.

Realistically, you need to remember to plan and budget for unforeseen costs that come from these three broad categories:

  • Time: It takes time to plan the project, to implement, understand, and use the new solution, as well as to develop and document new procedures. Time is money, or so it’s said.
  • Training: Existing employees will need to be trained to use the new system, and will undoubtedly need additional training for the more advanced functionalities.
  • Tailoring: As your business changes, so will the way ERP can help streamline your business processes, and customization can require additional time and retraining.

Though this can’t cover every single additional cost, it does detail less obvious costs to prepare you for situations that might have gone unforeseen.

Download the guide “The 7 Hidden Costs of ERP”.

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