Guide: Should I Move My ERP to the Cloud?

Some facts to consider before making a decision

Are you asking yourself “Should I move my ERP to the cloud?”, you’ve come to the right place.

Okay, so you’re ready to replace your worn out, decrepit ERP system with something new, dynamic, fresh, and efficient. Now for the next big question: is a cloud-based ERP system right for you?

Cloud computing is part of nearly everybody’s digital landscape and isn’t just for personal computing any longer. But how do you know if an ERP fully hosted in the cloud is right for you? Why should you forgo the traditional on-premise ERP system for a cloud-based approach?

This guide gives you a few things to consider when deciding on a cloud-based system, including:

  • When done right, the system being deployed in the cloud is “invisible” to the system users.
  • When selecting an ERP system, choose the software that’s right for your company, and only then consider deployment and infrastructure options.

For more information on a cloud-based solution, download “Should I move my ERP to the cloud?”.

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