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Discover how your growing SMB would benefit from selecting the right cloud ERP solution to ensure efficient management of your business. Read our guides to find out the steps and the selection criteria for choosing an ERP for your SMB, who should be part of the transition team and how to select your implementation partner, among others.

What is the cloud?

This brief guide tells you what you need to know about cloud computing to help you make informed decisions about your IT deployment and infrastructure.
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Should I move my ERP to the cloud?

Cloud computing is almost certainly a part of nearly everyone’s computing landscape (iCloud, Box, etc.). Should a company with an existing on-premise ERP system feel compelled to move to the cloud when it is time to replace their existing system?
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8 benefits of a cloud ERP solution

An ERP in the cloud offers many benefits. Not only does it allow pratically all your SMB’s departments to boost their efficiency, it also easily and seamlessly adapts to your company’s business needs. You can even access your data and reports from anywhere in the world.
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Is it time to replace your ERP system?

ERP system replacement is a major business decision, and a major commitment of time and resources, so there has to be good reason to even consider it. So, how do you know when it’s the right time to change to a new ERP software?
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How to find out which ERP solution best fits your needs

While it may be true that ERP systems have similarities, the devil is really in the details. The differences are what makes the system appropriate, usable, and beneficial to your organization and its speficic needs. Read our guide to know how to decide which ERP system best fits your company.
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10 tips for smarter ERP system selection

The future health of your company depends on having the right ERP system for your business. There are many choices, and system selection can be challenging; here are ten tips to help your company make a better ERP selection.
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ERP evaluation checklist

Selecting an ERP system to run your business is a decision that will affect your business for many years. Many products offer the same or similar features, and it can be confusing to sort out what’s important and what’s not. Our evaluation tool can help.
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Choosing an ERP implementation partner

Selecting the right ERP is only the first step in moving to your new solution. You must also decide who is going to help you put the system into action – your implementation partner. Discover how to ensure a successful ERP implementation.
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Why recommend Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Management solutions are no longer restricted to very large businesses, Quebec-based SMBs can also reap the many benefits offered by an ERP solution. Discover why independent consultants recommend Acumatica Cloud ERP.
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ERP project justification: the ROI

Most companies will complete a capital expense justification (return on investment or ROI analysis) before committing to an ERP system. This list should provide a good starting point for your own ROI calculations.
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The 7 hidden costs of ERP implementation

You have a quote from your new ERP provider, so you know the costs for software, hardware, implementation assistance and training. But is that all? Read our guide to avoid being taken by surprise by additionnal, unplanned costs.
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How an ERP can help your SMB be more profitable

Choosing to implement a management system in your growing SMB also means spending time and money. But did you your new ERP system is more an investment than an expense? Indeed, the right ERP will help your business become more profitable.
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Business intelligence – more than a dashboard

More than simply arranging data into convenient and attractive formats, however, BI includes analytics as well as data warehouse/data mining capabilities. BI provides the tools that can turn data into knowledge and insight.
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Building the best ERP project team

ERP implementation is a significant project for your company that involves a team of participants from throughout your organization. See which types of resources your ERP implementation project should include.
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How an ERP solution can improve employee productivity

Even the most well-intentioned employees experience a decrease in productivity. The blame often lies with the tools they must work with. Are the tools your SMB is using still adequate and efficient?
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ERP go-live strategies

The culmination of your ERP implementation project is when you “go live” and actually start using the system to support day-to-day operations. Discover the ways to transition between testing, preparing, launching and using your ERP everyday.
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5 tools for inventory management

Which tools can and should be integrated with inventory management to give you the control and visibility you need to support efficient operations? Discover five essential tools.
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8 reasons to use an ERP rather than a spreadsheet for inventory management

Some SMBs think they’re too small to replace Excel with a different technology to manage their inventory. Given that spreadsheet software is familiar and easy to use, they think it may not be worth their while. However, in terms of inventory management, ERP software has a leg up on spreadsheets.
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ERP comparative analysis grid

Several management solutions have similar modules and features, but which one best suits your growing company’s needs? Download our comparative tool now to ensure you make the best choice for your SMB.
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