An ERP system is designed to manage your business resources (Enterprise Resource Planning). So, what does it really do? AN ERP is a tool that allows you to optimize the entire supply and operations chain.

An enterprise resource planning system will enable you to plan your resources more accurately, reduce your production costs, and even increase your productivity. These capabilities make it a versatile, comprehensive, and sometimes complex tool.

Bringing together a range of applications, the ERP enables you to provide more effective customer service with its CRM, to have greater control over warehouse processes, and can even support production by optimizing manufacturing capacity.

And recent changes in accounting software mean that many ERPs will offer additional modules to support and streamline financial operation tasks. What makes an ERP particularly useful is the capability to connect your accounting with your project planning and other relevant modules. The software links all your key business functions together!

This gives you more transparency, overview, and accuracy in your business processes.

There are a number of ERPs on the market today with multiple advantages, features, and licences. Some are specific to your industry; others are more generalized and can be customized to your field of activity.

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