Signs that an accounting system is inhibiting growth

Redundant data entry. Too many errors to correct.

There’s a risk you’re creating duplicate entries. You are regularly having to import and export data manually. You waste time tracing and correcting entry errors. In the end, nothing balances!

There’s a lag between your system and your processes.

Too many tasks have become too complex for your accounting system to manage. You have to carry out manual inventories to ensure continuous accuracy. It’s impossible to automate the process. In the end, you are not getting ahead, you are going backwards!

Inaccurate figures. No real-time display.

You are unable to view your cash flow quickly. Inaccurate data makes it difficult to determine profit or loss, plan finances, manage risk and make informed decisions. In the end, you begin to doubt your numbers!

Have you run out of options using your basic accounting software?

With ACCEO, it’s easy to migrate from Acomba to Acumatica because you’re staying “in the family”. And migrating from Avantage, QuickBooks or Sage 50 is just as effortless.

Acquiring an ERP system is much more than a product purchase. It’s the start of a digital transformation.

Implementing an ERP system represents a major undertaking for any organization. The challenge begins with choosing the right system, but even more so with ensuring its seamless implementation. The ACCEO ERP solution provides complete management and support.


Fully integrated management and support

Getting the most out of your ERP system also means improving your business processes. We are on hand to provide expert guidance on best practices.

ERP implementation experts

We are ERP system experts, so we know the full scope of their capabilities. We can help you identify your functional requirements and make informed decisions.

Smart customization

We carry out an objective and detailed assessment of your needs. It’s our job to help you capitalize on Acumatica’s full flexibility while avoiding the trappings of an over-customized system.

Why choose Acumatica?

Get access to all the features of a world-class ERP, at a price that your SMB can afford.

Ideal for any growing SMB, Acumatica is the perfect solution for companies managing business acquisitions, multilingual customer bases or automated processes. The Acumatica ERP system offers you the highest satisfaction rate in the industry.

ACCEO is an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner and has publishing rights to deliver a bilingual solution tailored to the Canadian market.

Would you like a personalized demo?

Let’s start by assessing of your needs.

Membres du Groupe Blanchette

Client testimonials

The Groupe Blanchette

The ACCEO team’s ongoing expert guidance and methodological approach allowed us to implement the project on time and on budget, even within the confines of remote work. One year on, we are very satisfied with the return on our investment in the Acumatica solution (time saving, cost reduction, control systems). The solution has eliminated most of the inherent issues in our old accounting software.

Hubert Lelievre, CFO,
Groupe Blanchette – Master Franchisor

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Client testimonials


Within the context of COVID-19 confinement and telecommuting, Acumatica’s cloud computing platform has made us more agile and allowed our company to
continue to operate as usual with a decentralized workforce.

Jean-Pierre Ferrandez,

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Groupe Germain Hôtels

Client testimonials

Groupe Germain Hôtels

We wanted to develop a partnership with an experienced supplier that we could trust. During our meetings with the entire ACCEO ERP team, we found that our cultures were compatible and that we had chemistry. 

Annie Landry,
Vice-President Finance

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La Corporation des concessionnaires automobiles du Québec (CCAQ)

Client testimonials

La Corporation des concessionnaires automobiles du Québec (CCAQ)

One year later, we are very satisfied with the return on investment delivered by the Acumatica ERP solution (time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced control).

Stéphane Lirette CPA, CA,
Vice President Finance

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