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Comparing Acumatica and Sage

Comparer Acumatica et Sage

Sage is a traditional ERP provider for small- and medium-sized businesses. Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage 500 each comprise their own set of market-specific features.

There are, however, some similarities between these Sage products and Acumatica:

  • Feature-rich financial suite;

  • Multi-sector support;

  • Robust third-party software extensions (ISVs);

  • Vast channel of reselling partners (VARs).


Acumatica has wide-ranging ERP functionality, is fully customizable, and is supported by robust ISV software. Contrary to the Sage product line, which is still reliant on aging client-server technology, Acumatica was built for cloud access from its inception, using modern technology. That is why Acumatica can deliver more options and features than Sage and cost less over the long term.

This comparison table provides an overview of how Acumatica performs against Sage:

Key differentiators between Acumatica and Sage

True cloud : True cloud means that all functionalities can be accessed through the Internet using a standard browser and there is no need for the user to install any software on their device or purchase any additional software licences. Much of the Sage product line is supported by older software development technology and platform architecture. These products were designed for on-premises deployment and then retrofitted for the cloud. Moreover, such products also struggle to achieve the level of speed, functionality, and usability offered by a true cloud platform. Acumatica was developed to leverage the capabilities of cloud computing and can operate both on premises and in the cloud. You can even alternate between the two delivery models.

True mobility : Acumatica is a turnkey solution that can be accessed on the device of your choice. Acumatica is designed to adjust the size of each page and each screen to fit the device you are using. Be it on a PC, a tablet, or a phone, each screen has the same information and the same flow. Even though Sage online products are compatible with browser access on various devices, they do not automatically resize web pages to fit on mobile devices.

Full function ERP : The Sage product line compared here is adapted to different business sizes and requirements. Therefore, not all products offer identical ERP functionality. But due to the fact that most of the Sage product line relies on aging 90s client-server technology, these products do not perform at the same level of functionality when deployed in the cloud as they do when deployed on premises. The Acumatica software delivers an integrated financial and ERP solution that can evolve with your business using either a cloud or on-premises model.

Flexible licensing options : Subscription licensing is available for both solutions. Depending on the product, Sage bases licensing on the number of users, either concurrent or named users by specific product. Acumatica provides multiple licensing options and pricing based on resources that your business needs rather than a number of users. This way, your business can grow without incurring additional user costs.

Multiple deployment options (cloud, on premises, hybrid) : Sage and Acumatica have the capability to support on premises, cloud, or hosted deployments. Because of their legacy architecture, most Sage products do not support true cloud deployments. This limitation has significant impacts on Sage product support costs, scaleability, and functionality. Sage products, such as Intacct and X3, are cloud native but cannot be deployed in private/hosted or on-premises modes.

Acumatica offers a fully integrated ERP and CRM solution built on true cloud architecture. In addition, irrespective of whether Acumatica is deployed on premises or in the cloud, you are only charged per system resource, not per user. Of any ERP solution currently available for small- to medium-sized businesses, Acumatica offers the best functionality, performance, usability, and value.

Investing in a new ERP system is a significant commitment that will have a lasting impact on your business. We believe that your next ERP system should be Acumatica. Still, we encourage you to carry out your own due diligence as part of your selection process prior to purchasing an ERP system. Ask questions. Consider all the different answers. Get a real sense of what your business needs will be over the next three to five years.

Take some time to review the ERP software selection resources that Acumatica has put together to help you find the solution that is right for you.


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