Habitations Jasmont Deschênes

Habitations Jasmont Deschênes

Habitations Jasmont Deschênes, created from the merger between Construction Jasmont and Habitations Deschênes Pépin, boasts over 80 years of collective experience in constructing quality homes. Their commitment to excellence and personalized approach sets them apart, with a legacy of 6,000 residences built, earning accolades for their client-friendly method and superior craftsmanship.

Supported by a robust team and diverse talents, Habitations Jasmont Deschênes undertakes projects spanning single-family homes to towering complexes, showcasing their award-winning expertise across construction scales.

To this day, Habitations Jasmont Deschênes projects are a testament to their mission to build superior quality homes while working collaboratively with clients, respecting their ideas, and exceeding their expectations.



Faced with increasingly complex multi-company business management requirements, operations at Habitations Jasmont Deschênes had grown beyond the scope of the functionalities that ACCEO Avantage, their current accounting system, could offer.

Their challenges ranged from limited reporting capabilities and data extraction to the inability to attach invoices to transactions. Additionally, their software was limited to accounting, which meant that they had to run multiple parallel systems for non-accounting tasks like compliance and supplier contract reporting.

Evidently, Habitations Jasmont Deschênes had reached the point of having to acquire a new business management solution that would help them gain real-time visibility across their businesses, keep pace with the current and future needs, and resolve significant operational inefficiencies such as:

  • Multi-company management on multiple standalone systems

  • Complex report generation that hindered data analysis

  • Inefficient and error-prone data extraction into Excel

  • Lack of approval routing resulting in poor workflow management

  • Convoluted manual processes due to limited system functionality

  • Low user accessibility to the system stemming from the inability to assign access levels and user fees

  • No cost-effective options to develop enhanced functionality in current system



The ACCEO team tasked with the implementation of the Acumatica Cloud ERP at Habitations Jasmont Deschênes was, from the client’s perspective, a solution in and of itself. Their commitment to customizing the solution to the client’s exact needs was a critical factor in the seamless and successful transition to the new integrated system.

Additionally, because the ERP system offers fully developed efficiency parameters and evolving functionalities, Acumatica offered excellent ROI based the client’s future business growth. The implementation of the Construction edition specifically tailored to the industry’s needs provided the foundation of the solution that has delivered:

  • Integrated business management solution with multi-company capabilities

  • Real-time access to reporting, financials, CRM, and more

  • Expandable cloud ERP with fully developed cost-effective custom modules available

  • Connected information and workflows across their businesses

  • Role-based user access and cost-effective unlimited user licensing providing broader accessibility and usability

  • Dedicated development team that ensures ongoing software enhancement and evolution

  • Intelligent industry-focused functionalities deliver cost-effective adaptability to evolving business needs



The unique combination of Acumatica Cloud ERP modules tailored specifically for Habitations Jasmont Deschênes has created a solution that is both comprehensive and adaptable. The new integrated solution has bridged the gaps left by the previous software, providing the company with significantly elevated operational efficiency and enhanced management capabilities.

Leveraging Acumatica Cloud ERP’s intuitive interface and robust support from the ACCEO ERP team, the company stands poised to optimize their system further and continue their tradition of excellence in construction projects of all sizes.



“After exploring the advanced features and functionalities within the Acumatica Cloud ERP solution, our team of tech-savvy users could immediately recognize areas experiencing heightened efficiency and streamlined processes.” — Francis Lebrun, Directeur financier, Habitations Jasmont Deschênes.

“The dynamic and knowledgeable ACCEO ERP team provided excellent customer support, throughout the entire process. I would recommend them to other businesses.” — Francis Lebrun, Directeur financier, Habitations Jasmont Deschênes.

“Industry-specific features and functionalities, like the ones offered in the Construction module, have transformed the way manage our business operations. A solid 8 out of 10 for overall satisfaction with the software.” — Francis Lebrun, Directeur financier, Habitations Jasmont Deschênes.



Is it time to replace your ERP software?

Tell us about your project. For our team, it is an opportunity to contribute to the success of a local company and to undertake a winning partnership.

Contact our ACCEO ERP team to learn more about the Acumatica platform


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