The ACCEO ERP group offers consulting services and provides expertise in defining and analyzing needs.

A proven implementation methodology

From software acquisition to training, the ACCEO team systematically performs every critical step to ensure a successful software package implementation.

  • Prior to analysis – In collaboration with client SMEs, ACCEO advisors identify all required functionalities, ERP customization opportunities, training requirements for the different user types, and associated costs. Working together with the client, the teams then develop a preliminary timetable for the software implementation project.
  • Analysis ‒ Next, ACCEO advisors carry out an in-depth analysis of the client company’s business environment, needs, and expectations. During this stage the consultant team will also develops a project plan.
  • Concept ‒ This phase focuses primarily on the general configuration of the solution, based on the requirements identified during the analysis, and then on user training. The system components are built and tested at this stage.
  • Rollout ‒ Every member of the team is mobilized in this phase to ensure a successful transition to the new software solution. Key activities include integrated testing, user training, and go-live.
  • Operation ‒ ACCEO continues to provide support after the software solution goes live. The customer service team provides any necessary assistance to the client post implementation and data transition.

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