When you first started your business, you chose Acomba or Avantage
to manage your finances. You made the right decision. These accounting software solutions are ideal for small businesses.

Today, your business is growing fast. So much so that your current software solution is nearing the limits of its capabilities and you are looking for a new solution.

So, how do you know when it’s time to switch from your current accounting software
to an ERP system?

Sphères Acomba et Avantage

Your current accounting system may have reached end of life if:

  • Your software does not meet your business needs (limited functionality, slow response time)
  • The volume of information exchanged between parallel systems is getting too large to sustain efficiency
  • You want access to all the features in your software from anywhere, at anytime
  • You require an advanced financial structure (intercompany, multicurrency, automated entries, intracompany)
  • You are reliant on manual worksheets and spreadsheets to consolidate your information
  • Your system can’t keep up with the rate of growth and the speed of change in your business; you need more control and visibility
  • Your reporting is slow and you want timely access to custom reports and dashboards

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Does your current system fail to deliver the information
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Is your accounting software too small for your business?

8 signs that you have hit the limits of your Acomba or Avantage software.

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