Why choose Acumatica ERP for field service management.

Acumatica ERP’s Field Service Management suite is a powerful solution built on a robust, user-friendly, and modern platform.

The Field Service Management suite is fully integrated with the Financial Management, Distribution Management, Project Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suites. Among other things, you can use the Acumatica Service Management software to plan routes for your technicians in the field, based on availability, location, and skills required.

Benefits of the Field Service Management suite for your business

By choosing Acumatica ERP for your field service management, you gain a powerful, feature-rich tool designed to bring greater efficiency to your small business or multinational corporation, and to scale seamlessly as you grow.

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Optimum route planning

Use this module to plan and optimize routes for your technicians in the field, based on their availability, their location, and the skills required for each job, so you use resources more efficiently and reduce travel costs.

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Mobile service management

Keep your staff connected on any browser-enabled device or using the native Android and Apple iOS (iPad) mobile application. Gain real-time visibility on activities, manage emergencies, and respond quickly to customer requests. Improve customer satisfaction and strengthen your business reputation.


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Inventory management

Providing field services typically entails having tools and parts dispersed over multiple vehicles and warehouses. With Acumatica, you can monitor and track these locations and costs.


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Service contract management

Recurring service contracts are an important source of revenue. Track renewal dates for each contract to ensure that your revenues are preserved. Dashboard data can alert the service team to contracts that are coming up for renewal.


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Equipment maintenance

Keep a record of the history of equipment or machines installed at each customer site and monitor spare parts in stock. Acumatica retains equipment records from order to delivery, and from installation to field maintenance.


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Warranty management

Establish warranty offers for your customers, specifying which parts are under warranty to avoid confusion, mischarges, and objections.


Documentation centre

Discover all the advantages of the Acumatica ERP Field Service Management solution for your business. Download our product sheets, read white papers and guides, watch our short videos.

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Membres du Groupe Blanchette

Client Testimonials

The Groupe Blanchette

The ACCEO team’s ongoing expert guidance and methodological approach allowed us to implement the project on time and on budget, even within the confines of remote work. One year on, we are very satisfied with the return on our investment in the Acumatica solution (time saving, cost reduction, control systems). The solution has eliminated most of the inherent issues in our old accounting software.

Hubert Lelievre, CFO,
Groupe Blanchette – Master Franchisor

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Client Testimonials


Within the context of COVID-19 confinement and telecommuting, Acumatica’s cloud computing platform has made us more agile and allowed our company to
continue to operate as usual with a decentralized workforce.

Jean-Pierre Ferrandez,

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Groupe Germain Hôtels

Client Testimonials

Groupe Germain Hôtels

We wanted to develop a partnership with an experienced supplier that we could trust. During our meetings with the entire ACCEO ERP team, we found that our cultures were compatible and that we had chemistry. 

Annie Landry,
Vice-President Finance

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La Corporation des concessionnaires automobiles du Québec (CCAQ)

Client Testimonials

La Corporation des concessionnaires automobiles du Québec (CCAQ)

One year later, we are very satisfied with the return on investment delivered by the Acumatica ERP solution (time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced control).

Stéphane Lirette CPA, CA,
Vice President Finance

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