Bromont, montagne d’expériences (BME)

Bromont, montagne d’expériences (BME)

Bromont, montagne d’expériences (BME), extends over 450 acres of skiable terrain across 7 slopes. The resort comprises a total of 143 runs for every level of skiers, including 104 illuminated runs. It also features a water park and a variety of mountain activities.

The long-term vision of the ski and outdoor complex is to establish itself as a major mountain destination in Eastern Canada, rooted in its surroundings and renowned for its unique charm. The natural attractions of the mountain and the abundance of regional tourism offerings also necessitated that BME strengthens its real estate development activities and enhances the capacity for managing and maintaining current and future infrastructure.



Faced with the ambition of its business vision, BME needed a more robust, modern, and scalable integrated IT solution than its existing software could provide.

Among the major challenges to overcome was the lack of cloud-based access to its financial data, which limited its overall operations. Additionally, the limited capabilities of its current accounting software could no longer meet their business requirements, leading to inefficiencies in internal and external financial processes.

Furthermore, the existing system lacked integration functionality for inventory management, work in progress, and maintenance tracking. These deficiencies presented daily challenges, resulting in:

  • Lack of real-time information and data

  • Tedious tracking of invoice and expense approvals

  • Complexity in mountain stock and work management



Throughout the process of selecting a new integrated business management system, the cloud-based solution ACCEO ERP/Acumatica stood out from other products on several fronts. Initially, BME's decision-making team recognized the added value of having a partner based in Quebec and the advantage of optimizing a software platform available in French. The fact that they would benefit from services provided by a local support team also played in favor of ACCEO ERP/Acumatica.

Several other favorable elements related to flexibility and affordability set the ERP application apart from other products available in the market. Here are some of the distinctive features of the Acumatica cloud-based ERP that influenced Bromont, Mountain of Experiences' choice:

  • A solution specifically designed to meet the business and budgetary criteria of SMEs

  • A more customizable and scalable platform than other products on the market

  • Custom bundling of Finance, Procurement, Project Management, and Service Order modules

  • A multi-user model that allows multiple individuals to work simultaneously on the system without additional costs

  • The purchase of fewer individual licenses, which helps reduce acquisition costs



By choosing ACCEO ERP/Acumatica, BME was able to overcome many of the challenges that had previously hindered its operational efficiency and the advancement of its development objectives.

Furthermore, the new cloud-based ERP application has facilitated remote access to its business information and critical data in real-time. Additionally, with a fully centralized system, BME has reduced the inconsistencies associated with the use of multiple standalone systems.

On a daily basis, the complex observes the following benefits of the new system for its activities, operations, and users:

  • Easy and self-sufficient access to reports tailored to managers' functions

  • Customized and improved approval workflows for all approval operations as needed

  • Precise definition of user roles and access levels

  • Accelerated month-end closing processes

  • Reduced risk of document loss, such as invoices, orders, etc.

  • Systematic tracking of documentation related to projects and suppliers

  • Strengthened audit processes


"We greatly appreciated the professionalism and expertise of the ACCEO team, and we felt well supported. The deployment team tailored the service to our specific needs and was easily accessible throughout the integration process of the Acumatica cloud solution."

"The customer service provided us with fast and efficient support, both during and after implementation. Overall, our experience has been very positive, and we wholeheartedly recommend ACCEO ERP/Acumatica without hesitation." Daniela Severin, CPA, CA, Directeur financier.


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